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Monday, August 21, 2017

Why is Donald Trump so popular in China?

"Build the wall!"
Redpilled World recently highlighted a Finnish article with the headline, "Donald Trump is an idol in Finland."1

China is another country where Donald Trump is popular with regular people, with one internet user on Quora asking, "Why is Donald Trump so popular in China ?"2

The top response got straight to the point:

"Clinton and her base piled up too much identity politics. Trump was the pragmatist that at least wants to admit there are real world problems need to be fixed."

It's interesting that people from all around the world can easily recognize the democrats obsession with identity politics, and how they use it as a tool to manipulate the public into voting for them.

Another thread on Quora asks, "Why is China so happy with Donald Trump's victory?"3

There were a few responses from Democrats crying salty tears, but many of the responses provided by Chinese people provided interesting insight into the popularity of Trump's victory with the Chinese:

"China is an obsessive capitalistic/nationalism country. I want this abundantly clear… DEMOCRATS MAKE NO SENSE TO THEM. They are strongly influenced by communistic ideas that the Chinese have felt the pain of for years."

"Hillary is just an awful player. Her slogan ‘I'm with her’, ‘strong together’, ‘love trump hate’ are soooo bad examples of campaign slogan. Also her strategy and blindness on people's suffering, and the political correctness is nonsense to Chinese people. Also, many people don't like professional politicians."

" China is happy at the moment, for two main reasons:
* Hillary Clinton is gone for a while. So, hopefully, are the south Asia alliances she forged to raise territorial tensions in South China Sea.
* TPP was a thorn in PRC’s side. Can’t be happier that it’s gone."

"China despises Hillary Clinton so much and the revealing of her email by Wikileaks further proving China’s hatred toward this crazy lady."

"Trump will save the USA from death or even make it great again as he once promised, which will also bring Chinese people with great opportunities to improve their livelihood, and that is why the Chinese people accepted this with elation."

"Trump prefers stability for business to flourish. Hillary is on the other hand, with the power of media, will paint China a bad image to tarnish its reputation and will find justification for her war machines to ignite a conflict in the region."

"Trump vowed to delete the garbage TPP. Since TPP, Obama and Hillary have gone, China is much happier."

Chinese internet users on Quora explained why
Donald Trump is so popular with Chinese people.
"As a Chinese citizen, I am happy because:
1) Trump represent the poor people. I think poor people deserve better treatment.
2) Trump will focus on trade and cooperation.
3) He’s not a double-lose-Alpha-type. He pays more attention on the possibility of win-win."

"Personally I prefer Trump over Clinton because it was fun to watch all those DC elites fight against this ONE man who speaks out some ugly truth."

"Because we love America. We believe a better USA is good for China. We think USA is a contributor to the world. We want your America be great again."

"Many Chinese do believe Trump will make American great again. A lot of Chinese applause Trump’s position on immigration and Islamic terrorism. They also root for him and even for his family - especially Ivanka."

"The show “Apprentice” got a huge fan base several years ago in China because deep in our culture financial success is the only purpose of life."

"Trump is a business man. He know how to make deal."

"There's a Chinese saying, "Without strong rival and wise consultants, a country will fall definitely/eventually."

"Trump to them is national pride with business sense. Something they DO understand. They like Trump because he makes sense."

"Another important reason is that most Chinese don't like Hillary, and they are so object to her political view that they will celebrate for anyone beats Hillary."

"I think Hillary and the Democrats are not friendly to China, so many Chinese do not like them."

"Chinese people are no longer afraid of a strong US, but happy to see a strong US. Those who are willing to see stronger US and optimistic in Trump are happy on Trump victory, as much as Hillary’s failure."

So it would appear that although many comments are fully in support of President Trump, some of the positive reaction over Trump's election victory was equally due to relief that Hillary didn't win.

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