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Saturday, April 1, 2017

"Why I became a conservative overnight..."

Here's a powerful story recently posted on reddit of how one former liberal was redpilled:

"I was raised STRONGLY liberal in an upper middle class white family of four. To sum up my families political beliefs; guns are bad and if you own one, your toddler will find a way to shoot themselves with it no matter how well you lock it up, Obama was Jesus reincarnated, Christians are all evil bible thumpers, and republicans are all rich white greedy old men who want you to starve to death. My mom was a stay at home mom and my dad was a software engineer. As soon as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were selected as candidates for this election, my parents panicked. Like, 'If he wins, we're going to leave the country and retire as soon as possible,' panicked. I, barely 19 and a full time university student, was not caught up on politics. I was spoon fed the idea that Trump would ruin the united states. I was told that Trump was a racist, sexist, misogynistic rapist.

Antifa violence has been a redpill for some voters.
A week before election day, I started doing my own research. I read CNN, MSNBC, BBC, etc, not knowing at the time that these were SERIOUSLY biased news networks. I came to the conclusion that he was an awful human being and when election day came around, my liberal mother told me to vote (but really, only if it was for Hillary). She parked in front of a government building after we had finished a 'girls day' lunch and refused to budge until I went in and exercised my right to vote. I was annoyed, but I went in and voted for Hillary. Fast forward a week, and I found out my boyfriend had voted for Trump. I got upset, naively believing everything I had been told about Trump, and kicked my boyfriend out of the house. Looking back and knowing what I know now, I really regret that. (We're still together, thank god he put up with me.)

Time went by, and Trump's inauguration day arrived. I had 'come to terms' with his election, and had decided to make the best of the next four years and hoped for his success. Then, my boyfriend showed me footage of riots that occurred in Washington DC on Trump's inauguration day. Antifa members charged police on bikes, broke windows (ironically of businesses that funded part of Hillary's campaign), and attacked groups of Trump supporters. Grown women fell to the ground and screeched as if they had just witnessed the death of a child. Black Lives Matter rioters destroyed some of their own neighborhoods, and a special needs boy was tortured and scalped on facebook livestream simply for supporting Trump and being white. I couldn't believe the reaction of the liberal side, just because a republican man whom they did not agree with was becoming president. I immediately went to research news articles on CNN, MSNBC, BBC, etc, for more information, and to my dismay, none of the riots or violence had been covered. Just page after page of 'ha, ha, look how dead it is in the White House during Trump's inauguration'. I was appalled. It became apparent to me that my 'reliable' news sources had a serious agenda. I went to my mother and told her of the riots and violence, and she called me a liar. She told me I had found 'fake news', even though the events were recorded live streamed over various social media sites. Because it was not being covered on the staple news networks of my household, it simply 'wasn't happening'. I was later told that, 'Even if there were riots and violence against Trump supporters, violence is necessary for change. That's how the American people abolished slavery.' That hit me pretty hard. My mom, who I love and respect, had compared what was supposed to be a peaceful transition of power to the horrors of slavery. I asked her if she would still agree with the violence if it took place in our middle class neighborhood. She told me, 'We don't live in a poor community, it wouldn't happen to us.' That really opened my eyes to everything. She agreed with the rioting and wanted it to occur, but did not want it to occur in OUR neighborhood. She was not willing to feel the effects of what she pictured as 'a solution to Donald Trump'.

I attend Texas Woman's University in which 50% of the campus demographic are POC. After the election, professors took up the first 20 minutes of nearly every lecture to rant about how racist, misogynistic, and sexist our new president was. I had a math professor assume every Mexican in the room was illegal and attempted to comfort them, stating, 'He's not going to boot you out. He can't. He can't catch everybody,' (which, to anyone with a brain, was racist). I overheard classmates openly wish death upon the president of the United States. I was disgusted. Classrooms began to appear segregated, with many POC refusing to sit next to white girls. The few conservative girls that I knew in my classes were visibly annoyed by the the violent talk against Donald Trump, but never spoke up. My boyfriend was raised in El Paso, and experienced rampant racism as a minority in his school and neighborhood. When I mentioned this to a classmate who insisted white people could never experience racism, she told me it wasn't racism because he had 'white privilege'. That was the final straw for me.

The uncivilized, blatant denial of facts, along with the rise of Antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement drove me away from the left wing. Any disagreement with a democrat ended with someone calling me a cis white racist. Democrats swore that Trump would destroy the country, but while Trump was doing what every president has already done, liberals were rioting, destroying neighborhoods, universities, and other public buildings. Liberal news stations like CNN, MSNBC, and BBC pretended as if the only chaos occurring in America as a result of the election was because of Donald Trump. They called Trump a liar about the disastrous events in Sweden, and when they finally had to cover it, they attempted to blame Donald Trump for the attack. MSNBC admitted that incidents of rape in Sweden had increased by 13%, but it was nothing to worry about because it 'wasn't any higher than in 2005' (which could also be worded as 'incidence of rape in Sweden hasn't been this bad since 2005'). Odd coming from a side who swears all men are rapists and that it's a huge epidemic in American society.

To conclude this ridiculously long rant of a post: Trump hasn't done anything to end the country. I am now a firm believer and supporter of BLUE lives matter, and I strongly believe in the right to own and carry a gun. I no longer identify with the left wing or feminism. Honestly if anything, guys have it worse. Hell, a woman can kill a guys unborn child or take his children during divorce and demand he still pay child support AND alimony. Guys don't get taken seriously when they try to press charges for rape, guys get the tough blue collar jobs, and so much more. I'll gladly take the $0.70 cents on the dollar that feminists swear is a thing. I know I've got it better. I am now a proud, patriotic conservative and I wouldn't have it any other way. I wish nothing but success for Donald Trump."

The post received a lot of supportive replies. Here are just a few:

"I'm glad you were able to find truth among lies. You have just identified yourself as a proud member or a proud family that believes in the Constitution and American values. It's going to be a long, bitter fight but the truth will prevail."
"Thank you for posting this. As someone who has been assaulted by mobs of Antifa and beaten with 2x4s simply for trying to attend a political speech, I am glad that someone out there from the other side is seeing what's happening to us. Welcome to the winning team. Nothing can stop truth and justice."

"You should really take a moment to realize that doing what you did, changing your mind, is not something that a lot of people can easily do."

Free speech has been replaced by censorship.
"I thank you for your well articulated post, and for researching and thinking for yourself. Our country needs more educated young people who stand up for their beliefs and are willing to discuss them. I am an (old) UC Berkeley grad who was there for the 'birth' of the free speech movement. I've retired from there seeing it as a bastion of censorship. It makes me sick that most faculty, staff, administrators, and students would rather hurt others and destroy property rather than let someone with whom they disagree speak."

"I'm glad you were able to think for yourself and reach a conclusion that makes you happy instead of falling for all the propaganda out there today. Different viewpoints are what make this country great, it's violence and hatred that tear it apart."

- - - - - - - - - -

You can find the original reddit post below:
"Why I became a conservative overnight."


  1. I too changed, but early enough to vote for Trump. When I became aware of the overwhelming evidence of crime infesting the Democratic party and learning what "the new world order" really was I flipped to the other party. Was a Democrat for 40+years...will never be a Democrat again. MAGA!

  2. Me too. I am still a registered democrat but don't plan to EVER vote democratic again. they lost me after the DNC got caught rigging the primary and nothing was done about it.

  3. Me too. I saw CNN's relentless 24-7 bash Trump and was like, wow.



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