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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Child exploitation should not be a partisan issue.

Previously on Red Pilled World we reported on how anti-Trumpists were so blinded by their hate for Donald Trump that incredibly, his declaration to end human trafficking received 18,000 downvotes1 on reddit! What sort of twisted individual is against ending human trafficking?

The same sort of person who is against fighting child exploitation, apparently.

Trey Gowdy recently warned that anyone who interfered with his child exploitation investigation will be forced to show up and explain publicly why they are obstructing it.2

You would think that would be an uncontroversial thing to say, wouldn't you? You would think fighting child exploitation would be something everyone could support, wouldn't you?

You'd be wrong.

The anti-Trumpists have been out in even bigger force this time, and at the time of writing the post has received over 87,000 downvotes on reddit!

The statistics are available to anyone who uses reddit enhancement suite, and you can verify the total number of upvotes and downvotes using the following calculations.

195,140 votes in total.
19,514 points means there are 19,514 more upvotes than downvotes. This can be verified as follows:

The post received 195,140 votes in total and was 55% upvoted.

195,140 x 55% = 107,327 upvotes
195,140 x 45% = 87,813 downvotes

107,327 upvotes - 87,813 downvotes = 19,514 points

- - - - - - - - - -

Just how poisoned do you have to become to downvote a post talking about fighting child exploitation? These are people who have been indoctrinated to the point that they would rather child exploitation continue than see President Trump's government succeed.

One of the incidental benefits of having Donald Trump as president is seeing the most poisoned people exposed for what they really are. Even if you don't agree with some of Trump's policies, fighting against child exploitation should be something that everyone should support.

This shouldn't need to be said, but for the benefit of those who have had their brains poisoned with hate so badly that they oppose everything Trump says and does, here's a reminder of the obvious...

Fighting child exploitation should not be a partisan issue!

Every one of those child-exploitation sympathizers who downvoted this post are doing more than just undermining efforts to fight child exploitation. They are hurting America, and they are also undermining their own political party.

How do they think it looks when anti-Trumpists portray themselves to be child-exploitation sympathizers? It is actions like this which is highlighting how crazy and poisoned the extreme left has become. It is actions like this which is slowly driving moderate left-leaning people away from their party. It's thanks to actions like this that moderates are starting to wake up.

I've heard people joke that even if Trump cured all diseases, the extreme left would complain that he was putting doctors out of work. Sadly, it's becoming more and more apparent that this is not a joke. The fringe element of the extreme left are genuinely that poisoned.

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