Red Pilled World

"The red pill represents embracing the painful truth of reality, and rejecting the blissful ignorance of illusion fed to us by the mainstream media."


The goal of 'Red Pilled World' is to provide information to help more people become aware of the heavy bias shown by much of the mainstream media, and their efforts to cover up and under-report the truth.

Some of the things which played a part in my own personal red-pilling include:

* Massive bias from the mainstream media.

All media and news sources have bias, but I never realized just how bad it was until this election. What makes things even worse is that some blatantly biased news sources actually pretend to be fair and neutral!

* The Podesta emails released by Wikileaks.

The Podesta emails revealed evidence of lies and corruption from Hillary Clinton and her campaign team, and yet the majority of it went almost unreported by most of the media.

For the benefit of anyone who hasn't yet read the Podesta emails in detail, I recommend visiting It's not an exhaustive list, but they do provide links to many of the most significant emails.

* The mainstream media's failure to report on the content of the Podesta Wikileaks.

There was a big obsession with pushing Russia as being responsible for the leaks, but very little focus on what the leaks actually revealed.

The journalists who exposed Watergate were regarded as heroes. In my opinion whoever phished Podesta and then leaked his emails is a hero on a far bigger scale.

* Massive bias and censorship on reddit.

Some subreddits on reddit, such as The_Donald and HillaryClinton were set up specifically to be campaign rallies for their favored candidate. That's great. That's understandable.

However, when supposedly neutral subreddits such as Politics and World News showed such incredibly massive bias, that played a big part in motivating me to discover the truth for myself and find out what it was these biased subs were trying to hide. It's fair to say that their efforts to keep me 'unaware and compliant' actually had the opposite effect, and helped open my eyes to the truth.

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