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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

"Today marks the very day that guaranteed 8 years of Trump presidency, instead of 4."

It appears that MSNBC's release of Donald Trump's 2005 tax returns backfired against them, and is playing its part in redpilling some people. Here's one comment posted on the anti-Trump subreddit r/esist which at the time of writing has been upvoted to 220 points:

"To everybody here who thinks that this wasn't a big deal other than being a silly misstep for Rachel.... This was an absolute *'ing disaster for Rachel Maddow, the Democratic Party, and the media.

* Firstly Rachel is already getting universally panned by the right, left, and middle for this stunt. Rachel's career is over. This idiotic stunt made her arch-rival look like an honest, contributing, HIGH-taxpaying member of society. He paid the taxes of 2,714 American citizens put together.. Previously I thought he wasn't releasing his tax returns because as Hillary Clinton repeatedly insinuated that he paid zero in taxes due to shady accounting. But now we know that the media, HRC, Maddow, and anybody who has ever mentioned his taxes is/was a lying propagandist.

* Psychologically it makes it more believable when he says people are out to get him. And you know what? He's right. People are out to get him, and will do absolutely anything to make him look bad... I now realize plain as day that I've been lied to about this man repeatedly, and now I'm getting p***ed. I don't give two s**** if he had a PG-13 level "hot microphone moment" with Billy Bush 20 years ago, what I care about is what is going on TODAY.

* For the entire democratic party, this revealed the truth that the presidential candidate they put forward, HRC, blatantly lied repeatedly to the entire American public about her opponent not paying any taxes. It also just straight up takes the wind out of their sails. The next time a (D) Congressman or whatnot has a valid criticism that would benefit us all to be spoken about?... Well, it'll be panned as fake news and yet more propaganda! Anything criticism of value about Trump will no longer find purchase. That's why democrats tonight are getting frantic emails and phone calls from advisers late tonight not to say a damn word about Trump's taxes tomorrow when they get to the capitol, and probably not anything else period, for a good solid week or two either until they can all Pow Wow together and figure out how to contain this party catastrophe. Most likely, today marks the very day that guaranteed 8 years of Trump presidency, instead of 4.

* To the degree that you consider left-leaning outlets like MSNBC, or right-leaning outlets like Fox to be "media", well this makes ALL of American media look guilty simply occupational association. I guarantee you tomorrow morning that CNN just won't be able to help itself either, and it's front page will be plastered with OP-ED pieces railing against Trump somehow over this, but of course they'll give them their normal Trump treatment and make the "OP-ED" label on these pieces hard to see like they always do (causing many readers to mistake these opinion hit pieces are officially sanctioned legitimate news articles), further reinforcing the popular public opinion that CNN, which for the last 20 years has been regarded as the most pure example of professionalism, has finally jumped the shark to go join MSNBC and HuffPost over on the far left. If they haven't already, because let's be honest... No matter what side of the aisle you are on it is clear to all that CNN has already destroyed its integrity first over-publicizing Trump to sell more ads, and more recently eviscerated it's own self by CLEARLY slandering him with thinly disguised yellow liberal journalism. To let you now how I personally feel about that? I can't even pick up a *'ing newspaper anymore and know if I'm reading fact or fiction. The way this was handled by CNN and their left-leaning allies completely obliterated the dissemination of honest truth and reporting in this country.

Most importantly, this was a disaster not just for those 3, but for the American people. This whole thing raises enough issues, that every single American needs to take a look in the mirror and admit that most of us are acting like total buffoons over the 45th Presidential Election.

This has officially now gone too far. This story, this sub, these protesters, the way we've discussed this election AND the resulting presidency... it's just not OK any more. It's distracting from real issues, nobody's getting anything done in D.C. except cockblocking, everybody is getting more divided by the day, and everybody is looking more idiotic by the day. So, can this just be over now?

It doesn't matter which way you voted, at this point in time anybody who wants to keep up with this Joseph Goebellian-style attacks on Trump is just making us all look, feel, and act pretty s*****. We're not making America Great, we're making America lose... Frankly, I think that THIS is a good time to shut this sub down as well. For the love of God It's time to support YOUR president and by extension your country, not keep tearing it apart.

RIP Journalism
RIP Maddow
RIP Democrats (at least until 2024, thanks to behavior JUST LIKE THIS)."

- - - - - - - - - -

There were a number of great replies, including:

"There is so much truth in this I don't even know where to begin."

"Absolutely love the last paragraph."


"The best thing I've read this year.

Just stop this s*** Dems! You drove us moderates away. I don't want to be lied to anymore with these half truths about taxes and Russia. Just work with the man for crying out loud, you might actually like what you can accomplish with him.

But no, were going to get another hit piece tomorrow about how this is somehow "president Bannon" pulling strings again.

Pathetic. RIP journalism, it was fun while it lasted."

You can find the original comment here.

Update: Unfortunately, the original comment has since been deleted, but here's a screen print showing the comment at 220 points:

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