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Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Trump Effect: Manufacturing jobs coming back.

In his first six months in office, President Trump has already added 1.074 million new jobs. That works out as an average of 179,000 new jobs per month in each of the first six months of President Trump's presidency. Unemployment is at a 16 year record low.

But it's important to remember that behind the statistics, are people. Those figures, as impressive as they are, represent American citizens who are seeing a positive effect on their lives.

Here's an account which was posted on reddit of how one person is personally feeling the benefits of the Trump economy...

"Heading back to a manufacturing job for the first time since 2012 next month -- after 5 years of being one of the "forgotten unemployed". THANK YOU President Trump, this was ALL YOUR DOING!

Granted, the first two years of my time off were voluntary... had saved up some cash and decided to travel the world for a bit in my early 30's while I still could. Looking back, I would not have changed anything but trying to get back into the job market with a 2-year gap on the resume was stupidly impossible while unemployment was so high. Dozens of applications per week, zero call-backs for even simple HR screening. I would hunt down the HR hiring managers, sometimes getting them on the phone, just to hear "Well you have been away from the job market for several years, so...."

I lowered the bar and started shooting for more junior positions, even some entry-level ones. Still, enough jobs just weren't there. You could really feel the pinch on the manufacturing sector making jobs so scarce that the smallest "flaw" on the CV just meant companies would skip over you entirely. I even considered fudging the resume a bit just to get callbacks but stuck firm to the idea of "Well, if I'm a good fit I'll convince them to take the perceived risk of hiring me while I take the compromise of accepting a less senior position". Glad I did, as now it looks like I'm heading back to work HONESTLY.

About Mar/Apr of this year, the increased confidence of our manufacturing sector was already starting to create some effects -- buddies I had in the commercial freight sector were telling me shipment rates were ramping up, goods & supplies were moving on our roads & railways at higher volumes... usually a tell-tale sign supply chains are heating up in prep for more production.

It has really exploded starting late June/early July. I consistently started getting pings from headhunters and interview requests after submitting my resume for a position. I started getting phone interview requests for jobs more in line with what I have done before. I raised the bar and focused only on the best jobs, landed some in-person interviews and VOILA here I am having accepted an offer and getting back into the workforce just after Labor Day.

You could FEEL the changes building up since Trump got into office. Many of the peripheral industries connected to Manufacturing started seeing gains, and job postings became more common. THE WAY THINGS ARE GOING, TRUMP WILL BE RE-ELECTED COME 2020. In a LANDSLIDE. Just wait until all these effects ripple through the rest of the economy.

Tl;dr - Ever since Trump was elected & sworn into office as POTUS, the optimism & energy in the Manufacturing segment has been building. Activity started ramping up. Jobs started appearing. And now, after 5 years of unemployment (last 3 years actively searching), I'm finally getting back to work at a 6-figure manufacturing job of my dreams. No, I never took a day of unemployment (as a Libertarian I don't believe in that s*** anyway)."

Here are some of the replies:

"At the factory where I work, we just had all-employee meeting yesterday, and the Sales Director showed us a graph of our figures for 2017, and explained how our sales are at an all-time high because manufacturing is a booming business lately, and as a result more machine-builders need the sensors our company makes. All I could think about was how Trump is making good on his promise, bringing manufacturing back to America, and my best friend and I both have well-paying jobs at a rapidly growing company because of it. Feels good man."

"Think of it -- much of this is still PSYCHOLOGICAL. President Trump has gotten rid of a bunch of regs and had some good wins on specific companies building their new factories here, but he hasn't even gotten to the deep core of it all yet! Once tax reform and regulatory overhaul hits, this is going through the ROOF!!! MAGA, my friend."

"The silent conservatives elected Trump in 2016. In 2020, we will be joined by the silent Democrats. The hard working folks who favor the jobs and lower taxes delivered by Trump, over the gender fluidity and open borders favored by the liberal elite ruling class of the Democratic Party."

"Ideology wins fans, results win votes."

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You can find the original post at the link below:
Heading back to a manufacturing job for the first time since 2012.


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