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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Antifa unsuccessful in shutting down 'Feed The Homeless' Trump event.

Previously on Red Pilled World we reported how antifa wanted to shut down a charity event to feed the homeless organized by the Northwest Trump Alliance for Change.

Thankfully, antifa were unsuccessful in their attempts and the event was a great success. Here's a summary of the event from someone who attended:

"I wanted to share my experience from the event this past weekend in Salem, OR. It was well organized, safe and fun! A few ANTIFA troglodytes showed up but left without incident after they saw our crowd and hefty police presence. We fed the homeless folks we'd gathered to help and went on an awe inspiring march over the Willamette river in Oregon capitol city where hundreds of patriots honked their horns in support - all this within the cucked Peoples Republic of Oregon. I even met some nice Portland pedes. Remember to organize yourselves locally folks! Thx for reading and our group is the Northwest Trump Alliance for Change. Find us on facebook!! MAGA!!!"

Here's a humbling story from the event which was posted on the NWTAC facebook page:

"Was a great day in the park to meet and feed and speak with the homeless and actually get to know them and their struggles, no statistics no political agenda. There was a gentlemen who was thankful there are genuine good people who are putting our time into actually Making America Great Again. He then told me he voted for Trump and then gave me a pair of butterfly sunglasses. This man who has nothing gave me something. It was a very humbling day and I'm glad the opposition has enough sense to not even think about it! Our security and three percenters who I call family working so well alongside some of the best law enforcement officers I've had the pleasure of meeting from Salem PD. Was very successful and I look forward to so much more."

It's excellent to hear the day was a big success, and that the poisoned hateful antifa were unable to prevent such a worthy event from taking place. It looks like love really does trump hate!

You can find the Northwest Trump Alliance For Change on facebook at the links below:

Or check out their website:

You can read our original report on how antifa planned to shut down the 'Feed The Homeless' event at the link below:
Antifa plan to shut down a charity event to feed the homeless.

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