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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Women's rights campaigners who voted for Hillary Clinton are hypocrites.

I'll get straight to the point.

Any Hillary Clinton supporters who considers themselves feminists are hypocrites.

Back in 1975 Hillary Clinton defended a violent child rapist. She got his charges reduced even though she later admitted she knew he was guilty, and she laughed about it.

This is a YouTube video featuring audio of Hilliary Clinton discussing the rape case. At 1:48 is the point when she laughs about it:

"I had him take a polygraph, which he passed, which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs [laughter]."

She also laughed again later in the interview when referring to this 'miscarriage of justice' in an ironic manner.

"What was sad about it was that the prosecutors had evidence, among which was his underwear, which was bloody."

What was even more sad was that Hillary Clinton got the child rapist's charges reduced, despite knowing he was guilty. The prosecution messed up the evidence, and Hillary Clinton took advantage of this. She put the victim through further pain and trauma.

The victim's name is Kathy Shelton. She was beaten by her attackers so badly that she was in a coma for five days. Hillary Clinton got the older attacker off with time served in a county jail (about two months).

This is Kathy's own words:

"On May 10, 1975, in Springdale Arkansas two men, one around age 40 and the other in his teens, yanked me off my bicycle as I was riding to church. They drove me to a ravine off Highway 265 and raped me in their pickup truck. They beat me so badly I nearly died. They left me for dead and I crawled to a nearby porch where a Good Samaritan woman turned on her porch light, scared the men away as they were coming back for me, and got their license plate number.  I lost consciousness and woke up 5 days later in the hospital.

It was a terrifying experience. I was twelve years old, a virgin before the attack. I don't remember if the doctor told me how many stitches it took to repair the damage they had done to my body, I only remember him telling my mother and me that my injuries were so severe it was 99% certain I would ever be able to have children of my own. (He was right). Needless to say, the events of that night changed my life forever.

Almost as painful and traumatic as the attack was what happened next, when I went to the police and the court system for help. The man arrested and charged with the crime was a 42-year-old factory worker named Thomas Alfred Taylor. His accomplice was a minor and would be tried separately in juvenile court, his identity protected because of his age.

There was a mountain of evidence against them. A medical examination confirmed my injuries were consistent with rape. The younger attacker confessed, telling investigators he saw Thomas Taylor raping me and heard my screams. When Taylor was arrested, his underpants were still stained with my blood. But the case turned against me when Thomas Taylor demanded a new lawyer - specifically demanding a female lawyer - and a 27-year-old attorney named Hillary Rodham took over his defense. 

Hillary then immediately began to attack my character. It felt like I was the one on trial. I have heard that Hillary filed more subpoenas in those few weeks defending a child rapist than are typically filed in capital murder cases. I was asked the same questions by investigators again and again, as if they were trying to catch me in a lie. I was hooked up to a lie detector test like a criminal and made to feel like I was lying and making up the rape. It seemed like it would never end. I was tired and scared and finally told my mother I wanted to stop.

It wasn't until years later that I learned Hillary was writing things about me in private court documents that weren't true. In one affidavit she told the court I was 'emotionally unstable with a tendency to seek out older men and engage in fantasizing.' She attacked my single-mom upbringing, saying I came from a "disorganized" family which made me prone to 'exaggerating or romanticizing' sexual experiences.

How can a rape be fantasized or romanticized when the rapist's underwear is stained with your blood? I realized later what Hillary was actually saying. She was saying that I wanted it to happen. These men weren't guilty of rape because I had invited them to have sex with me - at age 12 - that was Hillary's defense.

It is one of the most disgusting lies anyone has ever told about me. I tried to put the case behind me but it was a struggle. For a while my life fell apart but I found my way back to God, and attend church regularly now. I was shocked to discover my attackers received such light sentences (Hillary got Taylor off with time served in the county jail, which was about two months). Still, for forty years, I kept my silence. That changed when I heard the audio tapes - audio tapes of Hillary laughing about my case. It's hard to describe how I felt at that moment.

How could anyone laugh about what happened to me - a child violently raped? How could this same person claim to be a champion of women and children and be running for president? That was when I knew I had to speak out. I had to tell my story to the world."

After reading Kathy's story, listen to the Hillary Clinton interview again. What comes across is her complete lack of empathy for the way Kathy's life was destroyed. From Hillary Clinton's manner you would think she was discussing the weather, rather than talking about how she robbed a twelve year old rape victim of justice, and put her through further pain and trauma.

Any women's rights campaigners who voted for Hillary need to read Kathy Shelton's story above. They need to listen to Hillary Clinton's interview where she laughed about the case. Then they need to take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror. Any women's rights campaigners who voted for Hillary are hypocrites. Plain and simple.

A women's rights campaigner voting for Hillary Clinton is like a turkey voting for Christmas.

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  1. This person could've been our president, people...




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