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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Antifa plan to shut down a charity event to feed the homeless.

Over the last few months, antifa have repeatedly shown themselves to be violent criminals whose only purpose seems to be committing physical acts of violence, destroying property and causing injuries to anyone who disagrees with their opinion, and in some cases even against their own members.

However, not content with violence, they have now expanded into new territory. Incredibly, antifa are actually planning to attempt to shut down a charity event to feed the homeless organized by Northwest Trump Alliance For Change.

In response to the charity event, the Eugene Oregon Antifa facebook group posted:1

"Support Salem in shutting down this pro-Trump event!"

Just how poisoned with hate do you have to become to actually want to shut down a charity event to feed the homeless?

These people are sick. Trump supporters organize an event to feed the homeless, and antifa want to shut it down. So now it seems we can add the homeless to the list of people that antifa hate.

This is how the Northwest Trump Alliance For Change described the event:2

"At this event, we will be serving the hungry a nice, warm meal. Our plan is to be set up and serving food by 4 pm. Around 5:30, we will grab our flags, signs and other Trump gear and head up the Marion Street Bridge to start off our support march for our President. Bring a friend, bring your family, have some fun, listen to music, meet new and amazing Trump supporters! Plates of BBQ will also be available to our group for the low *suggested* price of $1-2 a plate!

We'll have Trump merchandise for sale as well! 
Can't wait to see everyone! Feeding the homeless is an awesome way to try to give back to your community and a good way to get involved.

***If you are interested and in a position to donate to this cause, please do so! Any donations will be used to obtain park permit, event insurance and the food. 
Thank you!"

It sounds like an excellent event, and for a great cause. Yet antifa want to prevent it from happening. That is how poisoned and misguided these people have become. They have reached the level where they are now literally trying to prevent the homeless from being fed.

You can find further details about the Hunger Feed at the link below:

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