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Saturday, February 4, 2017

If the situation were reversed...

Despite the violence and the hatred and the rioting by the 'anti-fascist' left, there are many people in America who still don't realize what is happening to the country. The biased MSM are doing their best to cover up the crimes and hatred of the extreme left.

So imagine if the violence and the hatred and the riots caused by the anti-fascist left were being committed by the right. Imagine if conservative celebrities were urging the public to commit violent acts against those with a different opinion from themselves, just like some democrat celebrities have done. Imagine how the media would be reacting then.

This is a status found on facebook which reverses reality as a way of exposing the hypocrisy of the extreme left right now...

"I had a nightmare last night. Hillary Clinton was president and conservatives literally lost their minds and started rioting in the streets. Burning down businesses are physically harming people just because they voted Hillary. Celebrities started publicly denouncing Hillary and actually calling for people to revolt, resist and riot.

A liberal news editor was going to speak at a college, but a protest turned into violent riot where they beat up and pepper sprayed people that voted for Hillary. One man was beaten unconscious. The riot breached the college, threatening the life of the speaker and she had to evacuate, canceling the show. The rioters and celebrities rejoiced, knowing that their violent actions did indeed stop freedom of speech that night. They were so impressed by the results they encouraged others to follow suit stating, "The resistance works! Join us! Continue it!"

Freedom of speech has ended.

Democracy has ended.

New laws were being shouted over a bullhorn, repeated throughout the streets, covered in burning debris and bloodied civilians.

"Your vote counts, only if the resistance agrees with it! You're free to speak, only if the resistance agrees with what you say!"

Then I woke up. Thank God something like that would never happen here in America. Dreams can be weird."

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