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Sunday, January 29, 2017

How to help the facebook torture victim

Here's a reminder of how people can help Austin, the facebook live torture and kidnap victim. He doesn't need money. He needs support. He needs reminded that there are good people in the world. This is from the iHeart website:

"By now most of you have heard about the 18-year-old in Chicago who was kidnapped and tortured as a retaliation for America electing Donald Trump. The victim was the younger brother of an old friend of mine. 

Dave and I grew up near each other and have a lot of mutual friends. Dave is a great person and so is his little brother, Austin [the kidnapping victim]. 

Dave has asked us to share this very important message with all of you. 

As you may already know from the news reports, Austin has some severe mental health issues. 

And now, because of his kidnapping, you can add PTSD to that list of problems. Since the incident Austin hasn't been speaking or communicating verbally. 

Dave asks that we all help Austin with dealing with his recovery. 

But he doesn't need money, he needs greetings cards. 

I know it sounds trivial, but it's really important. If everyone sends Austin a note in the mail it will really help him with his recovery. 

So go get an envelope and a thoughtful or silly greeting card and send it to Austin. 

Write a friendly note inside and tell Austin how much you care about him and how you're praying for him. 

If he starts getting lots of friendly notes from people all over America, it will remind him that there are still good people in this world. 

Please send letters, notes, cards and anything else to...


PO Box 641

Cary, IL 60013"

Austin has been through a horrific experience, so we all need to support him and show him there are good people in the world.

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