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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Obama banned immigration to specific groups of people 19 times

If you believed the media you would think that Donald Trump's travel ban was the first time a US president had introduced immigration controls.

However, each of the previous 5 presidents have signed executive orders placing travel bans on specific groups of people.

Obama banned immigration to specific groups of people 19 times.
Bush Jr banned immigration to specific groups of people 6 times.
Clinton banned immigration to specific groups of people 12 times.
Bush Sr banned immigration to specific groups of people 1 times.
Reagan banned immigration to specific groups of people 5 times.

Obama used this power more than any other president of the last three and a half decades. After Obama, Bill Clinton was the president to implement immigration controls more than any other.

Pages 6-8 of the Congressional Research Service Report list the 19 specific examples of immigration exclusions implemented by Obama:
Congressional Research Service Report: Executive Authority to Exclude Aliens

Once again, Donald Trump's travel ban is not the first time a US president has signed an executive order introducing immigration controls on specific groups of people.

And if the world continues to remain as it is, then it won't be the last. In some parts of the world there are dangerous cultures which do not support Western values. Women's rights and gay rights do not exist in some parts of the world.

For example, six of the seven 'countries of concern' included in the recent travel ban have the death penalty for gay people. Take a moment to let that sink in.

Once again, in some parts of the world they have laws stating that gay people should be executed. Six* of the seven countries included in the travel ban fall into this category.

* Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, ISIS controlled areas of Syria.

Our world isn't the nice world of flowers and kittens that some of the brainwashed left like to believe. Previous presidents recognized that there are dangerous people in some parts of the world. Previous travel bans signed by Obama specifically identified Libya, South Sudan, Iran, Syria, etc, as areas of concern. When Obama and other previous presidents signed executive orders to protect the US from these people, the media barely reported it. Yet when Donald Trump does the same, the MSM stir up hate and anger.

This is a relevant quote to bear in mind:

"We do not lock our doors at night because we hate those outside, but because we love those inside."

Some elements of the MSM have tried to use the travel ban to stir up anger, hatred and tension. They didn't do this with previous bans, and likewise this travel ban should not be used to spread hate. The travel ban is about protecting those we love. Don't let the MSM spin it as something else.

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