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Friday, February 3, 2017

Shia LaBeouf hypocrisy: He builds a wall around his webcam.

To start with a little background, Shia LaBeouf recently installed a webcam outside the Museum of the Moving Image, New York for a website called 'He Will Not Divide Us. The webcam was designed as a protest against Donald Trump's proposal for a wall along the US-Mexican border, and Shia urged protesters to repeat the phrase 'He will not divide us!' over and over into the webcam.1

Unfortunately for Shia, because America is a free society with freedom of speech, Donald Trump supporters started using the webcam to show their support for Donald Trump. Obviously Shia was unhappy about this, so he quickly came up with a plan to control those who could use the webcam. How did he do this?

He built a wall!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

The irony is beautiful.

He put up a barrier to control access to the webcam, and introduced rules so that people could only use the webcam if they followed certain rules and did it legally.2

So to sum up the hypocrisy of the left, when a group invades their territory and threatens their culture, they build a barrier to prevent that group from just walking over whenever they want. Members of the group can still come in but they have to do so legally and conform to a certain set of rules and expectations. There are border controls about how many people are allowed in, how long they can stay, and how often, and law enforcement can kick them out if they don't follow these rules.

Sound familiar?

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1 As a side note, getting people to repeat a phrase over and over is a tool that indoctrinators use to brainwash their victims.
2 Credit to reddit user Martel-Sobieski2016 for reporting on the following webcam rules which were temporarily implemented (until the hypocrisy was pointed out to the webcam owners):
"* They are limiting the time someone can speak. First 30 min, then 10, then 5, now 3.
* Only 5 people can come in at a time.
* They are separating those they think are Trump supporters and those they think aren't.
* They are treating them differently, for example if a non Trump supporter is smoking they won't say anything but if a Trump supporter smokes they yell at him and give him a hard time."

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