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Monday, May 29, 2017

Heineken virtue signals by calling for 'open borders'. #BoycottHeineken

In recent months a number of ill-advised brands and corporations have jumped on the social justice warrior bandwagon with virtue signaling advertising campaigns designed to appeal to naive indoctrinated globalists.

Heineken are the latest brand to jump on the virtue signaling bandwagon, as you can see by the label on one of their bottles:

Globalist propaganda from Heineken.
Heineken's propaganda reads:

"Here's to an open world.

To a world without borders or barriers. To the belief that there's more that unites us than divides us. To finding common ground. So raise a bottle with the person next to you. Because a stranger is just a person you haven't had a cold Heineken with yet.

Open your world."

Unsurprisingly, Heineken don't practice what they preach. Like pretty much all virtue signaling brands, Heineken are hypocrites, as you can see by their walled factory in Manchester, pictured below.

Heineken: "A world without borders or barriers...  Except at our walled factory in Manchester."
As well as being hypocrites, Heineken are also deluded fantasists living in a make-believe world of flowers and kittens and rainbows. The marketing executives at Heineken need to wake up and start living in the real world. They need to step out of their SJW bubble and travel, and see the world with their own eyes, instead of blindly accepting the make-believe fictitious world of worldwide loveliness which is increasingly being pushed nowadays by globalist deceivers.

I've spent half my life traveling the world, and I've met incredibly nice and incredibly humble people in many countries. There are undoubtedly some cultural aspects around the world which are deserving of praise, and which should be embraced. I've been to parts of Africa where the family unit and the sense of community is incredibly important. I've witnessed small businesses in parts of South East Asia where successful business owners employ far more staff than they need, as a way of helping the local communities.

However, not all cultures and societies are as worthy and as admirable as this. If the virtue signaling ostriches at Heineken had actually experienced the world, they would know that although our world is home to many stories which make you smile, it is also home to incredible evil. Not all cultures and societies respect human rights. Some cultures outright support and promote evil.

For example:

In some parts of the world, female infanticide is widely practiced.1

Is female infanticide the type of world that Heineken wants us to 'open our world' to?

In some countries of the world, child marriage is an accepted part of the culture.2

Is child marriage the type of world that Heineken wants us to 'open our world' to?

Under Islamic law people can be legally enslaved3 as the result of being defeated in a war that was legal according to sharia law, or if they are born as the child of two slave parents.

Is slavery the type of world that Heineken wants us to 'open our world' to?

In Africa, as well as in the Middle East and Asia, female genital mutilation is prevalent.4 Disturbingly, increasing migration has seen the number of girls at risk from this sickening practice increasing in Europe, Australia and North America.5

Is female genital mutilation the type of world that Heineken wants us to 'open our world' to?

In some parts of the world, rape victims are stoned to death for adultery.6

Is the stoning of rape victims to death the type of world Heineken wants us to 'open our world' to?

The sad truth is that our world is home to many evils. We are lucky in the West to be shielded in part from these evils, but we should not pretend these evils do not exist. And we should most certainly not remove our borders and allow these evils to spread.

It should be the goal of all right-thinking people to remove evils such as these from the world. We should not accept or tolerate cultures which promote evils such as female infanticide, child marriage, slavery, female genital mutilation or the stoning to death of rape victims. We should not fear being labeled racist for condemning these evil practices. And we should most certainly not open our borders to allow them to spread.

The naive sheltered marketing executives at Heineken might not realize it, but borders are necessary. Borders are important. Borders prevent evils from spreading. Borders help to protect cultures which respect basic human rights from cultures which don't.

Ironically, Heineken also conveniently overlook the fact that in some Muslim-majority countries you would be publicly flogged for drinking alcohol.7 Is that the type of world Heineken wants us to 'open our world' to? A world where people who drink Heineken are publicly flogged?


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