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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

President Trump has began blocking verified nobodies on twitter.

As mentioned before on Redpilled World, one of the biggest problems with twitter if you're a Trump supporter is the massive amounts of anti-Trump spam which twitter does nothing about. Redpilled World featured a step-by-step guide on how to block these anti-Trump spam accounts, and it would now seem that President Trump has also taken action to reduce spam by blocking these leftist blue-tick 'verified nobody' spam accounts.

One spam account in particular, wasn't too pleased to discover they had been blocked from spamming President Trump's tweets:

Presdent Trump blocks verified nobody.
Rather amusingly, the verified nobody also threatened to speak to a lawyer about being blocked:

Verified nobody threatens to 'work with a lawyer friend' after being blocked.
It didn't go very far at all.

The verified nobody quickly deleted this tweet, presumably once their 'lawyer friend' pointed out to them that the constitution doesn't mention anything about protecting, 'the right for verified nobodies not to get blocked on twitter by the president.'

Also, it turns out that, like many democrats, the verified nobody is a hypocrite. They have themselves blocked several twitter accounts. Here are some comments posted on reddit from people who have been blocked by the verified nobody:

"She blocked me a few months ago after I slapped her down pretty hard. Can I sue her? She's a writer for Jimmy Kimmel's show. I asked her if she came up with the great "Hillary opening a jar of pickles" bit or the classic where Obama read a Trump tweet and said "At least I will go down as having been President". She responded with completely unfunny lame lines."1

"She blocked me too for pointing out her trolling. Classic case of dishing it but not being able to take anything in return. She's pathetic."2

It's also worth pointing out that Obama previously blocked twitter users from his @POTUS account3, including 13 year old critic @theCJPearson. Obama's spokesperson then followed this up by calling CJ a liar.

In all seriousness, as hard as it might be to believe in the current political climate, there are still some democrats who you can engage in debate and discussion (at least until you destroy their narrative with facts, at which point they generally let emotions take over and they go running off to their safe space). However, the majority of the spam replies to President Trump's tweets have no relevance to what Trump tweets. They aren't engaging in constructive discussion. In most cases it's just abuse and spam.

It's therefore a very welcome development to discover that President Trump is blocking these spam accounts. By blocking the leftist verified nobodies, Trump is ensuring a more satisfying twitter experience for twitter users who don't want to have to sift through torrents of hate from irrational leftists before you can get to the sensible rational discussion.

If you want to block many of the leftist verified nobodies and other angry hate-filled anti-Trump accounts from your twitter feed, then you can find our step-by-step guide at the link below:
How to block anti-Trump twitter spammers.

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