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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

George Takei tweets, "If you've been told to preserve evidence, and you erase your emails, you will go to jail."

Take a look at the following tweet which George Takei recently tweeted:

Seriously? A Hillary-apologist is saying that anyone who deletes emails will go to jail! How short is his memory?

Has he forgotten that according to the committee investigating Benghazi, Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 emails from her private server? Trey Gowdy stated:

“After seeking and receiving a two week extension from the Committee, Secretary Clinton failed to provide a single new document to the subpoena issued by the Committee and refused to provide her private server to the Inspector General for the State Department or any other independent arbiter for analysis.”

Gowdy added:

"Secretary Clinton unilaterally decided to wipe her server clean and permanently delete all emails from her personal server. ... It appears she made the decision after October 28, 2014, when the Department of State for the first time asked the Secretary to return her public record to the Department."1

I must have missed the part where Hillary Clinton went to jail for this.

Here are a few replies to George Takei's tweet:

"If you've been told to preserve evidence in advance of investigations and you start (to) erase your texts and emails, you will go to jail."

In fact Hillary's actions went beyond just deleting her emails. As Trey Gowdy told Fox News (emphasis added):

"She and her lawyers had those emails deleted, and they didn't just push the delete button. They had them deleted where even God can't read them. They were using something called BleachBit. You don't use BleachBit for yoga emails or bridesmaids emails. When you're using BleachBit it is something you really do not want the world to see."2

And it didn't end there. An FBI report revealed that former Bill Clinton aide, Justin Cooper, recalled "two instances where he destroyed Clinton's old mobile phones by breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer."3

So to recap, Hillary Clinton used BleachBit and had her mobile phones destroyed with hammers in order to delete her 33,000 'yoga' emails. In light of this, I find it absolutely incredible that a full-blown Hillary-apologist such as George Takei would advocate for jail for those who delete evidence.

However, it's not altogether surprising given the double standards of the left. As has often been said, if the left didn't have double standards, they'd have no standards at all.

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1 comment:

  1. To add to the irony, George Takei deleted his own twitter poll after it didn't turn out how he was hoping, so he knows all about deleting evidence.



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