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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Family ties between Obama's government and the media.

If you've ever wondered why much of the mainstream media is so aggressive in their efforts to protect Obama and Hillary Clinton from any sort of negative coverage whatsoever, you may find the following family ties of interest...

1) Ben Rhodes

In 2007, Ben Rhodes began working as a speech writer for the 2008 Obama presidential campaign.

Ben Rhodes was Obama's Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications and Speechwriting for the entirety of Obama's presidency.1

Ben's brother2, David Rhodes, is the president of CBS News.3

2) Jay Carney

Jay Carney was Obama's former White House Press Secretary4 from February 2011 to June 2014.

Jay is married to Claire Shipman5, who works for ABC News as the senior national correspondent for Good Morning America.6

3) Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall

Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall had several roles7 in Obama's administration. In January 2009 she became Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for European Affairs. Following this she was White House Coordinator for Defense Policy, Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction and Arms Control. And from October 2014 to January 2017, Elizabeth was Obama's Deputy Secretary of Energy.

Elizabeth's brother8 is Ben Sherwood. Ben is the former President of ABC News, and the current President of Disney-ABC Television Group.9

4) Katie Hogan

Katie Hogan was Deputy Press Secretary for Obama during his re-election campaign.10

Katie is married10 to Matthew Jaffe. Matthew is a reporter for ABC News and Univision.11

5) Susan Rice

Susan Rice was Obama's former National Security Advisor.12

Susan is married13 to former ABC News Executive Producer, Ian Cameron.

6) Tom Nides

Tom Nides was the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources14 from January 2011 to February 2013.

Tom is married15 to CNN Vice President Virginia Moseley. Virginia took up her role with CNN in 2012. She joined CNN from ABC News where she was Senior Washington Producer for Good Morning America.16

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When considering the above, it begins to raise further questions as to why much of the mainstream media severely under-report or in some cases outright refuse to report on stories which are damaging to Obama and former members of his staff. The damaging revelations revealed in the Podesta emails is one such example, and of course the Susan Rice unmasking story17 is a more recent example of media resistance to covering damaging stories.

It also raises the question, how can media networks with such close family ties to the government claim to be fair and objective, especially with regard to stories involving corruption and abuse of power? Do we need legislative protection from media collusion with the government? Or at least greater accountability if the media is found to be involved in a cover-up?

The link below is a reminder of one of the most damaging stories from the Podesta emails which most of the media refused to cover:
Obama's government approved arms sales to foreign governments known to be supporting ISIS.

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