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Friday, April 14, 2017

Trump bombing ISIS shouldn't come as a surprise.

Here's what President Trump said prior to the election regarding ISIS:

"I would bomb the s*** out of them."

President Trump has shown he was serious. He is keeping that promise. And yet some people were surprised by the bombing of the ISIS operated tunnel network. And even worse, incredibly, some in the media are trying to paint this as a U-turn!

The UK newspaper, The Daily Mirror, said this:

"The president unleashed the biggest non-nuclear device ever used in combat on one of the terror group's deadly lairs in Afghanistan. It signifies a major election promise U-turn..."

Once again, here's what Donald Trump said about ISIS:"

"I would bomb the s*** out of them."

The misleading claim by The Daily Mirror.
Trump states he will bomb ISIS. Trump bombs ISIS.

And yet incredibly, The Daily Mirror describe the bombing of ISIS as 'a U-turn'!?

What part of 'I would bomb the s*** out of them' do they not understand?

President Trump is literally doing exactly what he said he would do. How can anyone describe that as a U-turn?

To add to the irony, later in the same report they then go on to state:

"During the election, the property tycoon promised to 'bomb the s***' out of IS."

So to summarize, the article begins by describing the bombing of ISIS as 'a U-turn' and then later on in the same article they admit that Trump promised he would 'bomb the s*** out of ISIS.'

They are literally contradicting themselves on the very same page!

The video above is absolutely clear. There was no ambiguity. President Trump plainly stated he 'would bomb the s*** out of ISIS'.

Yet one UK newspaper is attempting to convince their readers that bombing ISIS represents 'a U-turn'.

Any UK readers whose newspaper is claiming that bombing ISIS represents a 'major U-turn' for Trump, should watch the video again, and then ask themselves whether their newspaper is being deliberately misleading.


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