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Monday, June 5, 2017

Muslim apologist bot accounts tweet identical message after the latest London terrorist attack.

In the aftermath of the latest Islamic terrorist attack in London, it was sickening but not surprising to see that, as usual, there were some people who were more concerned with any potential criticism of Islam than with innocent people dying.

In an attempt to counter any criticism of Islamic terrorism, twitter bots were used to push a co-ordinated message. Here are several bot accounts all tweeting the exact same tweet:

Notice that every one of the bot accounts misspells police officers as 'police offices'. They all tweet the exact same tweet, and all finish the tweet with the same four exclamation marks!!!!

If you check these accounts you will see that they have all tweeted several identical tweets. They're so obviously bots and they're not even trying to hide it.

Here is another example of the use of bots to spread an identical tweet:

Once again, every tweet is identical. Notice that every bot account fails to capitalize the 'a' at the start of the second sentence.

Sadly, it's not just twitter bot accounts that react to Islamic terrorist attacks by pushing concern for muslims rather than compassion for the victims. Cosmopolitan pushed a similar agenda after the Islamic terrorist attack in Manchester.

First, here's the original tweet from @SinghLions reporting on a Sikh cab driver who offered a free taxi service to those in need after the Islamic terrorist attack in Manchester.

This example of generosity is typical of the kindness of Sikhs.

After seeing this example of kindness, a reporter from Cosmopolitan asked for permission to use the photos on the Cosmopolitan website:

However, in an act of blatant fake reporting, Cosmopolitan then falsely reported that the taxi driver was a muslim, not a Sikh.

Cosmopolitan changes the truth and falsely reports that the Sikh taxi driver was a muslim.

Cosmopolitan have since deleted their tweet after several twitter users called them out on their fake reporting of fake news, but to deliberately mislead readers in such a dishonest way is extremely worrying behavior from Cosmopolitan. Presumably, Cosmopolitan assumed their uneducated readers would be too ignorant to know the difference between Sikhs and muslims.

In the interests of fairness, not all muslims reacted to the most recent Islamic terrorist attacks by rushing to protect the reputation of Islam, rather than showing compassion for the victims, like the muslim apologist bot accounts. Here's a very honest tweet from @imamofpeace who speaks openly and honestly about Islam's teachings:

@miche11em has since marked her account as private, but you can verify@imamofpeace's tweet at the link below:

Finally, the dishonest mainstream media won't report on this, but here's how Al-Jazeera viewers reacted to the latest Islamic terrorist attack in London.

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