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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Netflix hypocrisy

Netflix recently released a trailer for a forthcoming show called 'Dear White People'. The trailer condescendingly lectures white people on acceptable behavior, and is the type of race-baiting garbage which is sadly becoming more common in today's world.

On a related note, this is the Netflix board of directors:

Notice anything?

So in response, here's a letter to Netflix...

"Dear Netflix

If you want to do something about racism, sort out your own company and board of directors before you start lecturing other people.


People (of all races, not just white people)"

At the time of writing, the trailer for 'Dear White People' has over a quarter of a million dislikes1 , so it seems that many former Netflix subscribers may also be writing the following letter...

"Dear Netflix

After years of consistent subscription, I will no longer be paying for your services. I wish to cancel my subscription.


Former Netflix subscribers"

1 The original trailer for 'Dear White People' had over a million dislikes before Netflix deleted it and reuploaded it. 

For the record, this is a tweet from one of the writers on 'Dear White People'.

At what point did this become acceptable? Why is it acceptable to hate white people? If a tweet like this had been directed at other ethnicities, it would have been banned instantly, the tweeter would have had their account blocked and they would very likely also lose their job, and rightly so. In an ideal world they would also face prosecution and maybe jail. Racism in society should not be acceptable.

So why is it acceptable to direct hate at white people?

Here's a quote from hylian_phoenix787 on reddit which makes an extremely valid point which Netflix would be well advised to listen to...

"I'm not white, but I still find this s*** unacceptable. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted people to be judged by their character, not by the color of their skin, but these f***ers are reversing it and making everything about skin color.

F*** identity politics."

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You can verify the accuracy of the above photo at the Netflix website:
Netflix's 'diverse' board of directors

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