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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

4D chess from Kellyanne Conway

One thing you can guarantee from the biased MSM is that any story which shows Obama or Hillary in a bad light won't be reported.

4D chess
To get around this, Donald Trump has used a tactic known as '4D chess' to trick the media into reporting stories that they would otherwise sweep under the carpet. It turns out that Kellyanne Conway is also very talented in the art of 4D chess, as demonstrated by her recent Bowling Green 'error'.

A couple of weeks ago it was fair to say that very few people had heard of the two Al Qaeda Iraqi terrorists who were living in Bowling Green, Kentucky. However, after Kellyanne 'mistakenly' referred to the Bowling Green massacre which never took place, the gullible MSM spent the next week telling everyone...

"Actually there was no massacre. It was just two Al-Qaeda terrorists who had attacked US troops in Iraq, and who then entered the US under Obama's refugee program and who were planning to commit terror attacks on US soil."

So now everyone knows that Obama's refugee program allowed two members of Al-Qaeda to enter the US with the intention of committing terror attacks.

To reiterate, there was never a massacre. The terrorists were stopped before they could carry out their plans. As a result, it led to Obama stopping the refugee program to allow additional vetting.

A couple of weeks ago I never knew any of this. Now, thanks to Kellyanne's 'error', many people are aware that two Al-Qaeda terrorists were allowed into the US under Obama's refugee program, and that Obama temporarily stopped his refugee program as a result.

This is how you trick the media into reporting a story which they would otherwise cover up.

4D chess.

As Donald Trump has demonstrated on numerous occasions, he is a master at playing 4D chess, and it would seem that Kellyanne Conway is similarly also very talented in the art of 4D chess.

If the MSM weren't so biased and did their jobs properly then 4D chess wouldn't be necessary. However, given that they are biased it's reassuring to know that they are repeatedly gullible enough to be tricked into reporting stories which are damaging to Hillary and Obama.

Long may the biased MSM's gullibility continue!

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