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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Leaked audio of freelance left-wing journalist and MSNBC commentator.

A freelance left-wing journalist has been recorded claiming 'websites are taking orders from Nancy Pelosi', some left-wing websites traffic in '20% exaggerated or fabricated content' and that 'bad journalism is rewarded'.

You can listen to the audio, or download it as an mp3, from the link below:

A transcript of some segments of the audio is also provided later in this article, but for background, here's an introduction first of all from the person who recorded the audio:

"Today I was on an Amtrak train en route from New York City to Washington, D.C. By chance I happened to sit down next to a supposed 'freelance journalist' openly discussing upcoming stories and more juicy information only insiders are privy to on the phone, potentially to an editor in D.C. He started off by talking about the new Trump tweet with the CNN wrestling clip and how journalists were able to 'track down' the reddit user responsible."

"The man you hear in the audio has written articles for the New Yorker, the National Review, and the Atlantic to name a few. He makes a point of stating that certain media is biased and a great deal of their information is fake or exaggerated to garner 'hits'. I am not sure who he is affiliated with and would be very interested in finding out. He was completely unaware that he was being recorded."

"On this 17 minute tape I catch him discussing upcoming Trump bashing stories, including one concerning the Eric Trump foundation among others. He also mentions the White House visitor log story which will also be dropped after the 4th of July holiday or around then. He also discusses his upcoming appearance as an MSNBC commentator on Chris Hayes TV show, along with meeting with Diane Shamis producer for that show."

"The left-wing journalist also makes a point of explaining to the man on the phone that most leftist journalism is 80 percent real and 20 percent fake. He mentions that Nancy Pelosi has a staff of social media warriors tasked with changing the narrative online for her, stating that he meets with Ms. Pelosi every week on Wednesday (maybe one of her aides?). Near the end of the audio clip he states that anonymous sources and other fake info is used to gain more 'clicks' and clickbait titles that scare the public about Trump are commonly used to attract more readers."

There's quite a bit of background noise on the recording, but here are some of the most significant quotes from the audio:

7:10 - Websites are taking orders from Nancy Pelosi

"...a lot of those sites, when I (inaudible) ones who make conference calls with Nancy Pelosi, it's all those damn sites. All of them. They're all taking orders from Pelosi. And I hate to say it, but it's mostly Nancy Pelosi's sister. And Nancy trusts her sister to understand the social media (inaudible), so Nancy spent most of the time just thanking everybody on the call for that."

"It's clickbait, and so much of it is so hyperbolic that, like, we're going to reach a moment where no-one can figure out what the hell is true anymore, you know, on both the left and the right. And both the left and right, people just don't trust anyone."

8:45 - Some left wing websites are 20% fake news

"These sites that traffic in 80% true news and 20%, you know, fabricated or exaggerated content and those are the ones, like, are democrats that have 800,000 facebook followers."

13:00 - Politicians citing fake news

"It actually talks about politicians citing it. That's the part that is most troubling. It's one thing when someone goes and shares it with their family and friends on facebook, but when you have, like, a lawmaker citing it, and it's stuff that is, like, slapped together by someone who doesn't even now how to write."

13:30 - Bad journalism is rewarded

"And it just shows you that bad practice is rewarded over and over and over again, you know, because like my traffic is down from two years ago. You know, I think that our stories have more impact than they've ever been, because other outlets have (inaudible). In terms of people actually visiting the site and staying on it, it is way down. It is way down, but those sites are super successful."

15:05 - Muslim Brotherhood mentioned

"You know that there's a bill to designate them terrorists. (inaudible) It's called the Muslim Brotherhood something Registration Act."

Other segments include:

6:30 - Moderator on Trump group

"I'm listed as moderator status on that one Trump group. I just wanted to call myself out as moderator. This is just... This thing's a mess, you know. I don't know who wrote it but the graphic on it was one of those - pardon my French - but you know those pussy hats they make. The ones with they usually, yeah, they use tin foil instead of the crochet. It was a good graphic."

Likely talking about this article: How the left lost its mind.

1:50 - Pitching stories

"So Pro Publica's kind of waiting on more regarding the White House visitor log story, and the Eric Trump Foundation documents story has kind of stalled. I mean, I guess it's because it's a holiday weekend. Dave Zirin just passed it off to his editor, and then The Nation wanted to do something in general and I wasn't trying to pitch it to the Nation ... so I kind of don't want to take it to The Nation ... and I'm wondering if you're still interested."

3:38 - MSNBC commentator

"Could I ask you another question? Would you be willing to go on MSNBC if you wrote a story for the New Yorker to talk about your story. Because I have spoken to Diane Shamis - she's the producer for Chris Hayes - and they are reviewing some of the stuff, but I mean they're not going to write about it so, like, they wanna do, like, some sort of night with talking about it so if you were (inaudible) and then I could try to also pitch Ryan to talk about (inaudible) more generally to be on the  panel with me. It's been pulling teeth trying to get MSNBC. Every time I post something to them they're interested and they write back asking for Jason. It's really strange. It's like Jason has become the (inaudible) with MSNBC and some of the more mainstream outlets and he's literally getting all of his documents from us."

4:57 - MSNBC call journalists commentators

"No, MSNBC always call journalists commentators. I think they feel there's a certain (inaudible) having a journalist... I don't know. Pro Publica had the same trepidation. They wanted to make sure they're not getting caught up in partisan activism, so we had to show them a whole lot of funding and stuff like that, you know. And I admitted to them over the phone I've been in two Democrat fund raisers, just because they're interested in our work, particularly about drug users."

- - - - - - - - - -

Once again, you can download the audio from the following link:

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