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Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Washington Post is fake news.

In an article headlined, 'What the latest James O’Keefe video leaves out'1, the Washington Post has attempted to do damage limitation on the 'American Pravda' video recently released by Project Veritas. The video exposes CNN Producer John Bonifield admitting that the Russia narrative is 'bull****'.

The fake claim from Paul Farhi of the Washington Post.
However, in the 'damage limitation' article published by the Washington Post, 'journalist' Paul Farhi wrongly claims that the video:

"...doesn’t disclose that he (John Bonifield) is based in Atlanta - not in Washington or New York, where most of CNN’s coverage of national affairs and politics are produced."

Contrary to Paul Farhi's fake claim, two minutes 26 seconds into the video2, James O'Keefe explicitly states that Bonifield is a producer in Atlanta:

"I'd like to introduce you to CNN Supervising Producer John Bonifield in Atlanta."

You can verify this at the link below:

Paul Farhi was confronted about the false claim in his article by numerous accounts on twitter, including Project Veritas and James O'Keefe.

However, despite the fact that James O'Keefe literally says 'in Atlanta' in the video, Paul Farhi continued to maintain his article was accurate:

Paul Farhi: "There was no lie. And there was nothing wrong."3

Here are a sample of the replies calling Paul Farhi out for his fake reporting:

"It actually says in the video that he's a producer in Atlanta! This is exhibit A as to why people do not trust the Washington Post and MSM."4

"You prove that journalistic integrity no longer exists and epitomize why NO-ONE as any faith in journalism anymore. You should be embarrassed."5

"Seriously? So you are still claiming that he doesn't say "I'd like to introduce you to John Bonifield in Atlanta"?6

Finally, the following reply asks an important question which everyone should be asking:

"He clearly says he's in Atlanta! And why haven't you showed your viewers the videos? Very dishonest! Your viewers aren't sheep, are they?"7

Why haven't you showed your viewers the videos?

Exactly. This is exactly the question that any non-brainwashed reader should be asking after reading the article.

The Washington Post publish an article reporting on a video8 exposing a CNN producer admitting that the Russia narrative is 'bull****', and yet they fail to include the video in the article. Why not include the video so that readers can decide for themselves? Why not let readers watch the video and make up their own minds? It's almost as if the Washington Post want to hide the evidence from their 'unaware and compliant' readers.

Of course, this 'hide the evidence' strategy isn't a new tactic from the corrupt leftist media. They frequently tell their readers not to review the evidence, and instead encourage their brainwashed readers to let them tell them how they should think. The Podesta emails released by Wikileaks were a prime example of this. "Don't read the emails! Let us tell you what they contain! Let us tell you how to think!" And being the good little brainwashed leftist sheep that their viewers and readers are, they happily comply. The leftist media's viewers and readers happily and willingly stick their heads in the sand and their fingers in their ears, just like they're told. After all, they wouldn't want the truth or evidence to destroy the fake narratives they've been programmed to accept without question.

As the Podesta emails revealed, Hillary Clinton's campaign team conspired to produce a 'compliant and unaware' citizenry. However, I think it's safe to say they no longer need to conspire, because the gullible brainwashed leftist sheep are quite happy to remain 'unaware and compliant' all of their own accord. As we've seen on numerous occasions now, the gullible brainwashed leftist members of the 'unaware and compliant' citizenry will happily trust 'anonymous sources' over actual video evidence. That is how brainwashed they have become. They tune in to be told how to think. They are incapable of thinking for themselves. The corrupt leftist media tells them how to think, so if the Washington Post tells them that James O'Keefe doesn't mention that John Bonifield is from Atlanta, then their brainwashed readers happily accept this, despite the fact that the video clearly shows otherwise.

Evidence doesn't matter anymore to the brainwashed left. That is how fake news exists. Because the brainwashed left don't want the truth. They want fake news. And the Washington Post happily obliges.


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