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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The 'useful idiots' reverse their position on Comey.

The term 'useful idiot' is used to describe someone who can be easily manipulated into promoting propaganda or a cause about which they are not fully aware. Or to put it another way, a democrat.

'Useful idiots' are easy to manipulate because they make their decisions based on emotions and feelings, rather than logic and facts. Once they have been brainwashed, they will believe whatever their masters tell them, no matter how much it contradicts with what they have been told previously.

A perfect example of this occurred on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert when the audience had to be reprogrammed on how to think about Comey's firing.1

When Stephen Colbert announced that Comey had been fired, his audience initially cheered.

Numerous democrats have been calling for Comey to be fired or resign for several months now, and only a few days ago Hillary Clinton once again blamed Comey for her election loss. You can therefore understand why the clapping seals in the audience thought they were supposed to cheer the news of Comey's firing.

However, Colbert then explained to them that they shouldn't cheer, because of course everything that President Trump does is a bad thing, not a good thing. Once the audience had been indoctrinated 'educated' they then quickly returned to their role as clapping seals, and within seconds they dutifully embraced this new position that the firing of Comey was a bad thing.

If you ever needed proof that democrats are brainwashed sheep, this is it. They will obey and do exactly what they are told. They are incapable of free thought, and independent critical thinking.

George Orwell coined the term 'doublethink'.
The way these 'useful idiots' embrace opposing viewpoints is uncannily similar to to the concept of 'doublethink' from George Orwell's 1984. In Orwell's classic, doublethink was the practice of accepting two contradictory beliefs as both being correct, and was described as a form of hypnosis whereby the hypnotized victim was brainwashed so powerfully that they completely failed to see the hypocrisy of their two contradictory viewpoints.

The way the leftist media have responded to the firing of Comey is very much like an example of doublethink from 1984, when Oceania's war with Eurasia was quickly erased from the history books:

"Oceania was at war with Eastasia: Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia. Although no directive was ever issued, it was known that no reference to the war with Eurasia, or the alliance with Eastasia, should remain in existence anywhere."

Numerous democrats had previously been calling for Comey to be fired, and Hillary had gone as far as to blame Comey for her election loss. But as soon as Trump fires Comey, suddenly history is rewritten:

"Hillary supported Comey: Democrats had always supported Comey. Although no directive was ever issued, it was known that no reference to Democrats previously wanting Comey to be fired should remain in existence anywhere."

George Orwell's 1984 becomes more and more relevant with every passing day, but thankfully, Orwell reckoned without the invention of the internet. The online history books can't be erased, despite the leftist media's best efforts.

The internet never forgets. The democrats' hypocrisy and their 'doublethink' can't be erased from history, and will remain for all to see.

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