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Thursday, May 11, 2017

President Trump exposes the hypocrisy of democrats over Comey firing.

If the aftermath of James Comey's firing, Redpilled World highlighted the 'doublethink' of the 'useful idiots', specifically the way the audience on The Late Show quickly flipped from one position to another in a matter of seconds once Colbert had reprogrammed them and explained to them how they were supposed to think.

President Trump has now tweeted1 a video which highlights the hypocrisy and doublethink of the democrats. It exposes how many of those who reacted with fake outrage to Comey's firing, had until that point themselves been calling for Comey to go:

As highlighted in the video, here are some of the things democrats had been saying before President Trump fired Comey:

"Er.... Comey acted in an outrageous way. I think he should take a hard look at, er.... what he has done, er, and I think it would not be a bad thing for the American people if he did step down."

"Do you believe that James Comey should resign, Senator Reid?"
"Of course."

"Did you want to see him gone?"
"It's absolutely true the democrats have been very critical of James Comey, and many of us did call for his resignation."

"It's hard to be the director of such an important institution when that trust is no longer there."

"The FBI director has no credibility."

At the time of writing President Trump's tweet has
been retweeted 27,000 times, and liked 64,000 times
"...the FBI director not to send the letter. Comey ignored the warning and sent the letter..."

"He even released internal FBI memos and interview notes. I may have missed this but in my 42 years here I've never seen anything like that."

"The best service Mr Comey can render his country now is to resign. Failing that, Jeff Sessions should invite him for a meeting after he is confirmed as Attorney General and ask him to resign."

"I agree with the Wall Street Journal. It's in the best interests of the country that he step down."

"The president ought to fire Comey immediately and he ought to initiate an investigation."

"There needs to be restoration of the credibility of the FBI."

"I think he should resign because he's damaged the FBI's reputation."

"The faith of the people of the FBI is somewhat shaken in their leadership, and I think the faith of the country in the director of the FBI is somewhat perilous. Given all that I think he ought to spend more time with his family."

"The answer is that he resigns by midnight tonight or early enough that the world can know..."

"Maybe he's not in the right job."

Finally, the video concludes with some stills of quotes by various democrats:

Nancy Pelosi, (D) House Minority Leader: "I believe that the Comey letter was a foul deed. ... I thought that was very wrong what he did."

Chuck Schumer, (D) Senate Minority leader: I am "appalled at what Director Comey did. ... I do not have confidence in him any longer."

Tim Kaine, (D) Senator: "I think (Comey's letter) will go down as probably the lowest moment in the history of the FBI, probably next to the decision of J. Edgar Hoover to wiretap Martin Luther King."

Hank Johnson, (D) Representative: "He should pack his things and go. ... I don't have confidence in this man to lead the FBI."

Tim Walz, (D) Representative: "I no longer have that confidence in him."

Then, in a masterful final stroke, President Trump ends the video with the hashtag...


What made President Trump's tweet even more strategically brilliant was it's timing, and the way he gave the hypocrites just enough rope to hang themselves. Trump waited just long enough for various democrats to react with fake outrage and criticize the decision to fire Comey, before then tweeting the video compilation of all the times they had previously called for Comey to go, thus exposing the hypocrisy of their fake outrage.

The democrats still don't get it. President Trump is not like previous leaders. He will call them out on their doublethink, and expose their hypocrisy for the world to see. I don't expect them to learn any time soon. I suspect President Trump may well be calling them out on their continuing hypocrisy for a long time yet.

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