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Monday, February 20, 2017

Internet censorship in Sweden

Back in January 2016, MailOnline reported that a Swedish social worker was stabbed to death when she tried to break up a fight between two teenage refugees at the adolescent migrant center where she worked. Alexandra Mezher suffered two fatal knife-wounds to the back and thigh and died from her injuries in hospital.

Worryingly, this story has been blocked in Sweden.

Any readers who use a VPN can verify this for themselves.

First, click on the link below to verify that the story is still available on the MailOnline website:

Swedish social worker was stabbed in the back and thigh as she tried to break up a fight between two teenage migrants

Now, set your VPN to Sweden, and click on the same link again:

You will get the following message:

And the censorship doesn't stop there.

MailOnline published a follow-up story claiming there was now a question mark over the murderer's real age:

'15-year-old' Somali accused of stabbing Swedish social worker to death at children's refugee center is over 18, says Migration Agency

Once again, the story is blocked in Sweden. Anyone who uses a VPN can verify this for themselves.

The Swedish government website claims, "Sweden has the first feminist government in the world."

And yet the asylum center where Alexandra Mezher worked was banned from holding a memorial service in honor of their former colleague. Staff at a similar accommodation in Örnsköldsvik were also told they could not hold a memorial.

MailOnline published a further follow-up story regarding the memorial ban:

Migrant centre banned from holding memorial to Swedish social worker 'stabbed to death by Somali boy, 15' in case it upsets refugee children.

Reports suggest the initial links were blocked due to the murderer's claimed age. If he had claimed to be 18 or over, the stories wouldn't have been blocked. This would suggest why the third story regarding the memorial ban has not been blocked in Sweden.

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