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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Any culture which doesn't honor mothers isn't worth respecting.

Happy Mothers Day to any mothers reading this!
Today sons and daughters in America and other countries around the world will honor their mothers as we celebrate Mothers' Day.

But not at one school in Belgium.1

The Singelijn school in the suburbs of Brussels has decided that pupils this year will not make gifts for Mothers' Day 'out of respect for other cultures'.

Respect for other cultures? What cultures exactly are they referring to? What kind of culture wouldn't want to honor mothers?

Mothers' Day is not exclusive to one culture. Mothers' Day is celebrated by religions and nations all around the world. In fact the website ClareFlorist2 lists over a hundred countries that celebrate Mothers' Day.

From Asia to Africa to Europe to the Americas to Australasia. Mothers' Day is celebrated everywhere. Surely this should be obvious to anyone with even a remote awareness of the world we live in. After all, what sort of twisted individual wouldn't want to honor mothers and motherhood?

Thankfully, the school behind this boycott of Mothers' Day received a huge backlash.

State Secretary for Equal Opportunities, Zuhal Demir said, "This is not an expression of respect, but of cowardice."

Education Minister Hilde Crevits responded, "Mothers and fathers, let us cherish them more than ever."3

And one angry father pointed out, "What's more beautiful than being pampered on Mother's Day with a gift made by your child at school?"

The fact that some virtue signaling head teacher was so out of touch that they thought scrapping the celebration of Mothers' Day was a good idea is concerning, but it was reassuring that the overwhelming majority of people reacted with anger to the school's ridiculous policy.

Once again, Mothers' Day is not exclusive to one culture. The celebration of mothers and motherhood is something which is recognized by cultures, religions and countries all around the world.

If political activist head teachers wish to virtue signal in future then I suggest they first take a course in common sense and world awareness, because then they would realize that recognizing the beauty and the importance of mothers is a universal concept.

And to be blunt, any culture which doesn't honor mothers isn't worth respecting.

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