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Friday, June 16, 2017

The corrupt leftist media's new strategy: Tweet a false headline, then later issue a correction. Their gullible viewers retweet the fake story, but not the truth.

Leftist mainstream media sources appear to have adopted a new strategy in their efforts to spread fake news. This involves tweeting a completely false story, waiting until the fake story gains traction and gets hundreds of retweets, then covering themselves legally by later tweeting a correction.

Of course, the target audience of the leftist media don't care about the truth. They care far more about spreading the false narratives they have been brainwashed to believe. This can be demonstrated by examining the following fake news story tweeted by NBC News, and their subsequent correction.

NBC News originally tweeted a fake news story designed to help push the fake 'Russia' misinformation narrative. Once their fake story had gained traction, NBC then tweeted a correction admitting their original story was lies.

Compare the number of retweets each story received. Shortly after tweeting their fake news tweet and subsequent correction, NBC's original fake news story had received 811 retweets, while the correction had received only 137 retweets.

An example of NBC News spreading fake news.

Even today, two days after tweeting their correction, NBC's correction1 has still not managed as many retweets as their original fake news story managed in only a couple of hours.

Here's another example of the strategy in action. After the Alexandria baseball shooting, Jim Acosta of CNN originally tweeted a fake news story claiming President Trump didn't go to the room where Scalise is being treated.

Jim Acosta of CNN spreading fake news.

Once the fake story had spread and been retweeted over a thousand times, Acosta then tweeted a correction. Notice again that shortly after tweeting the two tweets, Acosta's correction had received only a fraction of the number of retweets of his original fake news claim.

At the time of writing, two days after tweeting his correction2, Acosta's correction has still only received 142 retweets, a tiny fraction of the number of retweets his original fake news story received in only a few minutes.

It would therefore seem that indoctrinated CNN viewers are even more disinterested in the truth than gullible fake news swallowing NBC viewers.

One further point worth noting is that in both cases, neither NBC or Jim Acosta apologized for spreading fake news.

Here's one response3 to the lack of journalistic integrity shown by NBC and CNN.

"I got my BA in journalism 28 years ago and this kind of far-out insanity simply DID NOT FLY. There was a responsibility to report the actual facts, including both sides of any and every story. Libel, slander...a very real thing and we followed the rules. Anyone who didn't either learned their lesson or were banished to beyond the fringe. We were taught to "get it right" before "getting it first". Now, in 2017, it is outright downright LAWLESSNESS. No integrity whatsoever. You can see why with everything being so far off the rails as it is in today's political climate."

If we were to give NBC and CNN the benefit of the doubt, then this is gross journalistic incompetence. However, given the increasing regularity4 with which the corrupt leftist media is guilty of making 'mistakes' like this, you have to question, is it actually incompetence, or do they know exactly what they are doing?


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