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Monday, June 19, 2017

Questions that James Comey needs to answer.

The following video from retired FBI special agent Cesar Paz1 includes a number of questions that Cesar believes should be asked of James Comey.

Mr Comey, isn't it true that you were an assistant United States attorney or prosecutor between 1996 and 2003. In your official capacity at the Department Of Justice did you investigate and did you clear Bill Clinton of any wrong doing for extending a presidential pardon to Marc Rich a fugitive from justice, a fugitive of the United States?

Isn't it true that between 2003 and 2005 you held a position with the office of the attorney general? Isn't it true that in 2005 you resigned from the Department Of Justice and accepted a job as the Senior Vice President with the Office of General Counsel at Lockheed Martin, a company that is a major military contractor?

Isn't it true that in 2010 when you were employed with Lockheed Martin, Lockheed won 17 approvals for private contracts with the Dept of State while Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State?

Isn't it true that in 2010 while you were employed with Lockheed Martin, Lockheed became a major contributor to the Clinton Foundation and non-profit organizations?

Isn't it true that in late 2012 after Lockheed was awarded those contracts by the Hillary Clinton State Department, you stepped down from Lockheed and received a six million dollar pay-out for your services?

Isn't it true that in 2013 the largest bank of England HSBC was being investigated by federal authorities for laundering billions of dollars for the Mexican drug cartels, channeling monies to the Middle East, specifically Iran which is in violation of law?

Isn't it true that Robert Mueller, former director of the FBI and now the special counsel to investigate these so-called alleged collusion between Trump campaign members, Mr Trump and the Russians, etc?

Isn't it true that Mr Mueller was the chief counsel at HSBC, the same bank that was laundering money for the cartels, the Mexican cartels?

Isn't it true that HSBC was a significant Clinton Foundation contributor, that Bill Clinton was being paid about $200,000 for his speeches, HSBC events, and this is why Mrs Clinton was the Secretary of State? No conflict of interest there?

Isn't it true that HSBC was basically let off the hook with a $1.2 billion dollar fine, which was paid by share holders, and that it's officers, managers, directors, etc, were't charged criminally?

Isn't it true that while all hell was breaking loose at HSBC, you Mr Comey, were appointed as a director and member of the board at HSBC to assist with damage control?

Isn't it true Mr Comey that your salary went from $206,000 in 2002 when you were a government employee to $33.5 million in 2012, and you had been employed or earned these monies while working for entities that were major contributors to the Clintons?

Isn't it true that you worked for Bridgewater Associates between 2010 and 2013 and that Bridgewater Associates is also a major contributor to the Clintons?

Isn't it true that you worked at Columbia University as the senior research scholar at the School of Law and that Columbia University is also a major contributor to the Clintons?

Isn't it true that you gave this memo that you wrote on bureau time on a classified computer in a bureau car, isn't it true that you gave these memos to Daniel Richmond, your friend, a professor, a 'liberal professor', and that he gave this information, or these memos to the New Your Times, a major media outlet that has published numerous times fake or false information as news?

Mr Comey you were appointed FBI Director by former President Obama in 2013 as Secretary Clinton was leaving the State Department. Isn't it true that you were appointed by the former president as FBI Director because you had proven yourself to be of service to the Clintons and their associates, and entities that contribute millions of dollars to the Clintons' non-profit organizations?

Isn't it true that you Mr Comey as the Director of the FBI in 2013 you did absolutely nothing in regards to the missing $2 billion from the State Department finances, and this happened while Mrs Clinton was the Secretary of State?

Isn't it true that while you were the director of FBI for over two years that you did nothing, or - let me correct myself - nothing happened as a result of these FBI investigations into the Clinton non-profit organizations?

If it had not been for the emails that were leaked, the emails involving Mrs Clinton and her associates, all this could be unknown to the public, unknown to everybody, but these emails were leaked. We know what happened, and fortunately the truth is coming out.

Isn't it true that Mrs Clinton and other subjects of the investigation were never read or were never advised of their Miranda warnings, in other words form FD-395 advice of rights form which is used by FBI agents during interviews. This form was never executed, and I've learned - correct me if I'm wrong, you're the attorney - but, you execute this form if you are interviewing someone that is under custodial interrogation or when you have a reasonable belief that the person has committed a crime or is about to confess to the committing of a crime.

This investigation was botched. Blackberries destroyed. Servers, hard drivers cleaned and 30,000 emails never turned over. All kinds of things. Remember the July 5th press conference that you held where you listed a whole bunch of violations committed by Mrs Clinton but you said that there was no criminal intent, that no prosecutor would prosecute, there was no precedent. Many attorneys in the government totally disagree with you.

You stepped on a line, sir. You stepped on a line because you don't decline prosecution, we don't decline prosecutions, or the FBI doesn't decline prosecutions. It's the United States attorney's office that does, but it sounds or it looks like a plan. Like all these things were done to mess up the investigation on purpose so that maybe Mrs Loretta Lynch former Attorney General, would say well because the investigation turned out this way then there's not going to be any prosecution.

But it didn't happen that way, and it didn't happen that way because a reporter happened to catch on tape Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton meeting on the tarmac at some airport. I look at that, I look at everything that is happening and it seems to me that information is going from Loretta Lynch to Mrs Clinton via Mrs Clinton's husband Bill Clinton. He has spousal privileges. He cannot be compelled to testify against her. And what was the message? Perhaps that the investigation was going to go nowhere?

Well, it didn't happen that way. It seems to me that perhaps you were put there to provide cover. NYPD and the authorities from South Carolina were working a totally unrelated case involving Anthony Weiner and in his electronic devices they find classified material that had been sent by Huma Abedin the right hand person of Mrs Clinton to someone that holds no authority to be in possession of those documents and is being sent via private emails? Any other agent in the FBI would have been fired and jailed and you know that.

Well, NYPD came out with that and same thing with the South Carolina authorities and things changed. You had to come out and say, "Well yeah, this is coming out." And then a couple of days before the elections you came out of here with a letter and said that nothing else has been found.

I don't know. As an investigator the pieces don't fit. They don't fit. Had Mrs Clinton won, you would have continued to be the director of the FBI and perhaps those investigations against the Clinton Foundation or the non-profit organizations belonging to the Clintons would have gone nowhere.

Do you ever wonder why Christpher Wray, a man that is not an expert on terrorism - he's an expert on white collar crime investigations - has been nominated to be the new FBI Director? Maybe he'll follow through.

And by the way, I'm a retired agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Not the Federal Bureau of Matters.

So going back to the beginning, do you wonder why you're dismissal was done in the way it was done while you were 2,337 miles away from your office? You know that happens to agents that have engaged in misconduct. The 'bagged desk', you know that term. When he's away so that they can get to any evidence he may have in his computer, communications equipment, notes, journals, etc.

I think President Trump already knew what you were up to. I think he had an idea, maybe even inside info, who knows? I don't know that, but that's what comes to mind. And ask why he kept on telling you, 'Oh, I hope you stay. Oh, you're doing well,' but there was a plan behind that.

So with all these things that I have said and the things that I have said in previous videos, all I have to say at the end of this commentary is Mr Comey, you have been PNGed. (person non-grata-ed)


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