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Friday, May 26, 2017

Calls for boycott of USAA over their decision to drop ad support for Hannity.

There has been a concerted effort from most of the mainstream media to suppress all mention of Seth Rich's murder, and to actively encourage people not to investigate or look into the suspicious circumstances surrounding Seth's death.

Sean Hannity has been one of the few media figures to report on recent developments in the investigation, and despite pressure he has shown he is determined to continue his search for the truth. In response to Hannity's continued belief in real journalism, there has been a campaign by Media Matters to encourage advertisers to boycott Hannity. Sadly, was one of the first advertisers to cave in to this political pressure, and now disappointingly USAA have joined in dropping ad support for Hannity.

This ill-advised decision from USAA brought them an immediate backlash from thousands of patriots on twitter and facebook. At the time of writing USAA's tweet announcing their Hannity decision has received over 5,000 critical replies, while their facebook page has received hundreds of angry comments from (former) customers calling for a boycott of USAA unless they reverse their decision.

Here are just a few of those comments:

"As a War Vet, I am disgusted with your cowardly, ham-fisted, Communistic approach to free speech and the 1st Amendment!! I will make it my goal to discourage everyone I know from buying your financial products."

"You are NOT honoring our troops by dumping advertising on Hannity's show. Guess you do not realize how many millions of conservatives who DO support our troops are not happy with you getting political."

"You obviously don't know your customer base. If your decision in the Hannity issue is not reversed by 5pm Friday I will close my accounts with USAA."

"Member 36 years. Just got off the phone with USAA. I lodged a complaint with them for withdrawing advertising with Sean Hannity. We will be pulling our insurance with them if they do not reverse their decision within 2 weeks. Since when did USAA become anti 1st Amendment and political?"

"Shame on you for letting Liberal Democrats bully Americans and their businesses for their political views! My family will have nothing to do with your company! God Help America and God Bless our President Trump!"

"Judging from the comments, none of which are congratulations coming from the Media Matters crowd, it appears your appeasement to the liberal left advertiser boycott isn't sitting well with your customers. Suggest you research how well similar moves went for Target, & Kelloggs. Then again, USSA most probably doesn't give a rats for the military families that support their businesses."

"Some USAA executives need to research what happened to Macy's and Target when they decided to go with the leftist agenda! We the people and Seth Rich's family want TRUTH! STOP TRYING TO SILENCE IT!"

"It's a shame that you pulled support for Sean Hannity. You are assuming that all your military customers are liberal and their vote doesn't matter. I hope your customers that served in wars to defend your stupid decision fight back!!!"

"Such a shame...with one bonehead move, you've made me start looking for new auto and house insurance, a new bank, new investment manager..I've been a loyal customer for 33 years. Probably would have stayed a customer until I died."

"Disgusting excuse for a company that supposedly stands behind its military customers. How much did George Soros pay you to stand against free press?"

"Okay, Republicans, okay Conservatives, USAA has pulled their ads from Hannity because of pressure from liberal Media Matters.....Cancel your policy and move it elsewhere!. USAA is part of what's wrong in this country! Do your duty! And share with you friends!"

"Very upset with USAA's actions towards Sean Hannity. Hopefully you will reverse this action. Sean Hannity gives much time and money to our military. You should be ashamed to cower to this Media Matters assault."

"Very bad business decision by pulling advertising from Hannity considering that most of your clientele are conservative veterans. Most likely the shrill leftists at Soros funded Media Matters calling for you to pull advertising are not even eligible for USAA products. Weak sauce on your behalf."

"We were waiting for our auto insurance to come up for renewal at another company to switch over to USAA. We are also getting ready to buy our first home and were looking forward to working with USAA. Since you pulled your advertising from Hannity we will look elsewhere. Apparently you are more interested in supporting bullies that never served or shed blood for our country. Great move!!! May I suggest you change your advertising targeting and membership requirements to bullies, fascists and slackers. Thank you for showing your true colors before we gave you our hard earned money. AIM HIGH!!!!"

"You could honor our incredibly military by supporting differing views we're so lucky to express in our country. Clearly you support part of our country and not free speech. Thanks for showing us that through pulling your Hannity advertising. Makes it easy to decide NOT to do business with you. Shameful."

"A slap in the face to all veterans."
"I am ashamed to be a USAA member, have been for 15 years. I currently do all my banking, auto, home, life and kids savings accounts though them. I served in the Marine Corps to preserve our constitutional rights and freedom, and for USAA to pull a stunt like this by removing their advertising from Hannity's show is a slap in the face to all veterans and their families. I can't believe they even decided to do this right before Memorial Day. I will be canceling my membership and taking my business somewhere else if they don't reverse their decision."

"No one in the media has supported Vets and Veteran causes more than Sean Hannity. He is simply doing what is rare in the media now days and looking for the truth. USAA in a time when they should be backing him up and supporting him are abandoning him. That is disgusting. I have been a member for 37 years and my parents longer. We currently have accounts with seven figure balances and I was looking to consolidate other high balanced accounts with other companies into USAA. If you continue down the road and pull your advertising I will be pulling my families money from USAA."

"Pathetic, USAA. You cave to pressure from leftist liberals trying to oppress free speech, and pull your advertising, because Sean Hannity is trying to help solve a suspicious murder? I thought you were in the business of selling insurance - not leftist, anti free speech activism. I'm military, 15 years. I'll be sure and spread the word."

"I understand if you make an advertising decision based upon return on investment, but you made a decision based simply upon input from a group with a political and ideological agenda. Shame on you, you apparently don't need my business now or in the future!"

"I guess I will be taking my insurance back to GEICO. Whatever your political leanings Hannity is just looking into a mysterious death, you know real journalism! Apparently USAA is run by the DNC, what other reason would they have to not support a journalist investigating a murder."

"Cannot believe you pulled advertising from Sean Hannity. Your company caved. I am very disappointed. My family has been with your company for years. I will now be looking elsewhere!"

"USAA, you are NOT honoring our troops or US Veterans by stopping your advertising on Hanitty's radio and TV show! We demand to know who, who was it who made this decision, and who cooperated with this. Come next election of Board of Directors, any of you who participated in this STUPID stunt will be voted OUT! We the members of USAA will vote in patriots, not cowardly, anti-American leftists for the USAA Board of Directors!"

"Service members.... You can get better rates through the Credit Unions associated with the bases/posts that are around you. We sure did at Redstone Credit Union! Naval Credit Union beats them too. And there are plenty of insurance companies out there that are beating their rates like a drum! Start shopping around. USAA is no longer a friend to the service members pockets!"

It was a similar story on twitter:

"USAA betrayed @seanhannity Please Google 'review websites' and then leave reviews! #BoycottUSAA #MAGA"

"Caving to political activism is cowardness. #BoycottUSAA"

"What's pathetic is that @seanhannity has tirelessly supported our military for years & @usaa just cowered to GEORGE SOROS! #BOYCOTTUSAA"

The above comments are just the tip of the iceberg. There were hundreds of comments from angry (former) customers all equally disgusted by USAA's complicit support of the suppression of freedom of speech.

This is a classic example of a company not knowing their customer base. USAA are upsetting thousands of veterans and serving military members to appease a leftist co-ordinated campaign to attack anyone who doesn't support a media blackout of Seth Rich's murder.

You can read hundreds of comments calling for a boycott of USAA on their latest facebook post:

You can read similar comments on twitter at the hashtag #BoycottUSAA:

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