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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists."

The following was posted on reddit1 on the Berkeley subreddit. It shows that the violence of the extreme left is starting to redpill people:

"I saw something tonight that really bothered me and I need to get it off my chest.

Around 3:00 pm, when the riots had moved up to Shattuck, a bystander with a camera was assaulted by a group of Antifa. One of the women started screaming at him for recording the riot 'without her consent.' He was called a Nazi, a rapist and a Trump supporter. He told the woman he hated Trump, had voted for both Bernie and Jill Stein, but she wouldn't stop calling him a Nazi.

Meanwhile, a masked guy snuck up behind him, grabbed everything in his pocket and ran off. The guy was like, 'Ooh gee, thanks you guys. I lost my ****ing house key and now I won't be able to go home.' The girl was like, 'Well some people don't even have ****ing homes!!!' (This made me cringe so hard).

A mob of these guys then surrounded him and continued calling him a Nazi while he kept repeating that he was anti-Trump. This is when the guy who had taken his keys came back with a ****ing glass bottle and started chasing him, trying to smash it on his head. He got chased all the way to the other side of the street while people tried to grab/trip him.

I felt so ****ing disgusted by all of this. I literally witnessed an innocent bystander being labeled a Nazi and a rapist as a justification to assault him. He did absolutely nothing wrong, was not involved in the Trump rally, and had every right to film on a public sidewalk."

One reply raised the point:

"Would it be any more justified if the victim was a conservative?"

Sadly, this is the mentality that some of the left have reached. When describing violent acts, people feel obliged to point out that the victim wasn't a Trump supporter, simply because so many of the violent left have been indoctrinated into thinking that violence against conservatives is acceptable. It is only when the violent left turn on other left-wing people that they recognize it as a crime.

Here are some more replies:

"As someone who previously was an independent and voted across party lines, I will never vote Democrat again after this election cycle."

"They only pick on people who are weaker than themselves and try to attack single persons in groups. they're a bunch of cowards."

"The thing that really bothers me is that this isn't even a meme anymore. These people literally think everyone disagreeing is a ****ing nazi and and a rapist, and that it justifies physically assaulting them. I witnessed several people being accused of being rapists for not asking for the 'consent' of the people they were filming."

"This isn't the result of the riot mentality/environment. These people legitimately feel justified in assaulting people in general. The riot just gives them the opportunity to get away with it."

"That's just how social justice activists/progressives act nowadays. They are evil people who claim to be for equality and tolerance as an excuse to do what they really want to do, hurt people. I'm a liberal, but I despise the despicable social justice community."

Hillary Clinton claimed during the election campaign that 'love trumps hate'. She was right. Love does indeed trump hate. That is why she lost.

Hillary Clinton's campaign was largely built upon working up the weak-minded left into a frenzy of hate against Donald Trump and his supporters.

Donald Trump's campaign was built upon love for America. Love trumps hate. That was why Donald Trump won.

The violent left have become so poisoned by their hate that they can't see the harm their violent actions are doing to the Democratic party, and more importantly, to innocent people and to America.

There's a famous quote which says, "The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists." Events since the election would suggest that, sadly, this quote has been proven to be correct.

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