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Friday, February 17, 2017

#MediaLiesAgain: Campaign Crowd Sizes

As well as telling outright lies, another strategy the dishonest media uses is way they refuse to report the truth, and use tricks to deceive the public.

Here are a couple of blatant examples of media dishonesty used to distort public opinion of crowd sizes at rallies during the election campaign.

First, here's how a Hillary rally in Omaha was reported...

Those who only saw the deceptive zoomed-in photo from the tweet on the left would have been left thinking the Hillary rally in Omaha drew a big crowd. Those who saw the tweet on the right discovered the truth.

Compare the crowd above with the crowd from a typical Donald Trump rally...

Photo from

Like most Trump rallies, the event pictured above held at a town hall in Maine was completely sold out. In fact there were even thousands of people outside the venue to show support.

Here's a photo taken outside the event three hours before the rally even began...

Photo from

But of course most of the biased media didn't report this. A large proportion of the country was kept in the dark about Donald Trump's popularity, and his ability to inspire high energy in his supporters. You can read more about this false reporting in an excellent article found at

Of course, Donald Trump was fully aware of the way the media would try to suppress the truth of his popularity, and he regularly called them out for it.

This is a great video below where during his speech Donald Trump tells the cameras to pan around so the viewers can see how big the crowds are. Not surprisingly, the cameras refuse to budge...

This was repeated over and over, with Trump getting massive sell-out crowds at rally after rally, and the majority of the dishonest media refusing to pan their cameras around the arenas to show how big and how enthusiastic the crowds were.

This is the only camera which did pan around to show the true size and enthusiasm of the crowd...

Towards the end of the video the camera highlights how all the other cameras remain fixed firmly on Donald Trump and refuse to show how big the crowds are.

Fake news is not just reporting lies. Fake news is also suppressing the truth, and the way the biased media repeatedly attempted to hide Donald Trump's popularity, and also hide Hillary Clinton's failure to inspire enthusiasm in the voters, was one such example of this.


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